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Xenos Azriel

Winderia Libivia

Rufus Cardel

Aria Yorah

Thayer Shadowen

Eulie White

A headstrong think first, act later kind of guy. Xenos is a talented magician, gifted in fire magic. His lack of tact often gets him into more trouble than its worth. He has a strong sense of justice and will do what it takes to protect those he holds dear. Loves nothing more than to laze by a riverside fishing and idling time away.

A wind mage with a happy go lucky nature. Windy is a trusted friend and ally of Xenos, they have been travelling and adventuring together for quite some time. Windy is often the mediator when disagreements break out, especially between Xenos and Aria. Her carefree appearance is but a facade... hiding worries, secrets and duty.

Xenos' most trusted friend and drinking buddy. Quick to lend a hand to those in need, Rufus is a quiet gentle giant specializing in earth magic. The team often looks to him for advice. Rufus has a competitive streak, particularly when it comes to fishing. The score between him and Xenos is currently 53-50 matches, in his favor.

Aria holds herself to high standards and is quick to put herself in harms way to protect others. Xenos frustrates her to no end with his brash ways, but she can't bring herself to hate him. She has perfect control over the element of ice, sometimes earning her the nickname 'Ice Princess' due to her beauty and frosty temperament.

A dark mage who has lived a difficult life. Slow to trust others, but once he does, he will do anything to keep them safe. Thayer's abilities allow him to come and go without being noticed, often surprising people when they realize he's been there the whole time. He speaks only when he believes something is worth saying or if he can't hold back a sarcastic remark.

Eulie feels a strong sense of responsibility towards her kingdom. She is naive in the ways of the world, having been cooped up behind walls, rules and regulations for much of her life with duties she cannot abandon. She longs to see the world. Eulie is an experienced water and healing mage. She has a poised genteel personality and is wise beyond her young years.